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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Senate Bill 1752

By Jonathan Lowell, 

Today University of Florida president Bernie Machen and Florida State University president Eric Barron met with Florida governor Rick Scott to discuss house bill 1752 that will allow universities to exceed current limits on university tuition. Governor Scott says he has received feedback about the bill in the weeks after legislative session.

"You know I get letters from people I get emails. When you travel state and back, because session's over I've been traveling quite a bit I talked to people around the state. I've listened to families. If I stop in a coffee shop whether this bill or something else people are giving me a lot of ideas," said Scott.

FSU has one of the lowest tuition rates of all research universities in the country. Barron says he will not be looking to raise it to the national average, but instead will base his recommendation on program needs.

"I don't want to just say I'm going to do X or Y or go to the national average. I'm going to back into based on what we actually need to do to be good,"  said Barron.

While the two presidents and the governor discussed the bill inside, students outside voiced their concerns about the new legislation.

"Tuition increases are a tax on working students who can't really afford to pay any more. I feel as though this is definitely an issue. If this bill is passed it's an additional tax on students, and governor Scott has said he's against any new taxes or tuition increases previously. I hope he stands by his word, and stands by students."

Governor Scott still has until next Friday to pass the bill. Students in Tallahassee and the rest of Florida will be eagerly awaiting his decision.

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